FAQs about the cities games

What counts as a city?

I use the term 'city' very loosely to encompass almost any populated human settlement, whether its official designation is city, town, village or anything else. I decided to name the quizzes "How many cities can you name?" because that sounded better than "How many cities, towns and villages can you name?" even if it's less strictly accurate.

For the U.S. quiz, I use the Census Bureau's definition of an incorporated place. I've included townships in New Jersey and first-class townships in Pennsylvania as these these entities usually correspond to the commonplace notion of a city or town. I've also included some New England towns, which despite their name are often not actually towns.

Will I lose my progress if I close the page?

No. You can refresh the page, close it, and even turn off your computer and your progress will still be saved. However, you will lose it if you clear the site data in your browser for my site.

Can I share my link?

Yes! Once you click "Finish and Save", you will be redirected to page with your results. It's the exact same page that you see while playing the game, except that you can't enter any more cities, so it's safe to send or share the link wherever you'd like.

Why doesn't the game accept a certain city?

First, try entering a more specific name, like "Valence, France" instead of just "Valence". If that doesn't work, look the city up and make sure you spelled its name correctly. If you have, make sure that it is an independent settlement and not part of another municipality. If it is indeed an independent settlement, then it is probably just missing from the database. See the question about reporting a bug below.

How do you add two cities of the same name in the same country?

In general, you can only get credit for the larger one. However, in many cases two cities with the same common name have different full names. For example, there are many communes in France named Saint-Étienne, but most of them have official names like Saint-Étienne-d'Albagnan or Saint-Étienne-de-Crossey which distinguishes them.

Where did you get the list of cities?

See the credits.

Can I enter city names in my language?

Most cities are accepted under both their common English name and their native name, e.g. Cologne and Köln. In countries that use the Cyrillic script, you can enter city names in Cyrillic. Large cities are listed under their names in several languages, so for example you can enter 'Londres' for London.

Will you make more cities games?

They're under development as of August 2020!

Why is the number of capitals incorrect?

In mid August 2020 I added a statistic for how you how many state or national capital cities you named. If you had already started a game and entered some capital cities before the update, they would not be counted. However, once you finish and save your game, the correct number of capitals will appear on the results page.

What should I do if I find a bug?

Please send an email to iafisher@fastmail.com if:

I may or may not respond to messages about: